AL Media is a media and strategic communications consulting firm, founded by Eric Adelstein and Ann Liston, who, along with partners Raghu Devaguptapu and Rachel Ostendorf, direct electoral and public affairs campaigns across the country.

Recognized nationally for their award-winning creative and break-through victories, AL Media has taken on some of the highest profile, against-the-odds challenges in electoral, legislative, and public affairs campaigns... and won.

Work That Wins Elections

Along with serving on the senior strategy team for President Obama's re-election, AL Media has helped elect:

Work That Earns Recognition

Our work has won the highest honors, including:

And in 2010, Rachel Maddow recognized one of our ads as "the first grand-slam, out of the park, absolutely perfect Democratic campaign ad of the entire year".

AL Media's team of battle-tested political professionals and award-winning creative staff continue to set the firm apart from the rest.