Ann Liston

Ann Liston is a leading national media consultant who became interested in politics as an idealistic college student for three very important reasons; Beer. Boys. And pizza. (Not necessarily in that order.)

But in the 1992 election, as a precinct captain for the 43rd Ward in Chicago, Ann saw the decisive power that elections can have upon a changing nation – and upon a young woman looking to make a contribution in the world.

Since then, she’s been hooked. Hooked and dedicated to working to make our country’s elective bodies look more like the make-up of America.

To date, Ann has over twenty years of experience managing and consulting on competitive campaigns – from a well-heeled ward office to serving
 as a senior member of the media team on President Obama’s re-election, and everything in-between.

Her work in national politics includes serving in senior positions at EMILY’s List, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), The National Democratic Convention – Los Angeles, and the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

Ann is professionally and personally committed to helping women and girls reach positions of power and leadership. She serves on the board of Girls in the Game and she is a board member of A Council for a Livable World.