What We Do

Talking points are one thing. Truly connecting with your audience is another. We pride ourselves on helping clients tell their own stories in compelling speeches, interviews, digital videos, social media posts, and of course, television spots. Together, we will work with you to create a comprehensive strategy to develop and deliver a winning message.

In today’s cluttered media landscape, traditional, one-size fits all media buys won’t cut it. You need to consider the range of mediums available, determine which will best reach your target audience, how to use them, and when to use them. Our firm’s media-buying operation is one of the best, with over 20 years of media placement experience. So how can we help? Victory begins with BIG AL Analytics, our proprietary system that identifies the people we need to persuade and reaches them across TV, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens. We place millions of dollars each year, and as a result, we’ve built strong relationships with stations in every market, guaranteeing that our clients have the competitive edge when it comes to ad placement at affordable rates. On the digital side, we use real-time bidding and third party data to ensure that we are reaching the right audience online at the lowest possible price. Using the latest tools to analyze the trends of your target audience, we will provide you with the most effective and efficient media buy options based on your budget.

Our in-house post-production facility operates 24-7, which allows us to respond immediately to any new developments, guarantees a quick turnaround time, and keeps our costs low. We work extensively with local cinematographers, producers, and talent to ensure the best raw material possible for each campaign.